3Bdrm Family Palace Near Disneyland



3Bdrm Family Palace Near Disneyland

Hong Kong, Lantau Island, Discovery Bay


1,962 HKD


  • 公寓
  • 整間住宅/公寓
  • 12 位客人
  • 3房
  • 3張床
  • 2間浴室


** COMFORTABLE: Fully Stocked, Air Conditioning, Elevator, WiFi, Cable TV **
** CONVENIENT: 15 Min to Disneyland / Airport / Expo • 25 Min to Central **
** SAFE: 24/7 Security • Very Safe Area • Kids Playground • Beach Access **
** VISITOR INFO: Restaurant & Attractions • Maps & Transport Info • FREE for all guests **

Escape the chaos and noisy streets of Hong Kong in this lovely 3 bedroom apartment in amazing Discovery Bay, Hong Kong. This comfortable flat is fully furnished and features an amazing sea view and a cozy balcony. Fantastic night view. We have 300MB high speed Internet (WiFi) and a 42″ flat screen TV with HBO, Discovery Channel and many others. This is a perfect place for a family or a group.


* 15 minutes to Disneyland train
* 25 minute ferry ride to Central
* 15 minute bus ride to nearest MTR metro station
* 20 minute bus ride to airport
* 25 minute to Asia Expo

* Disneyland
* Big Buddha
* Ngong Ping 360
* 3 minute walk to the historic Lantau Hiking Trail
* And much, much more…

* Relaxing atmosphere at the plaza
* Sandy beaches
* Nice restaurants
* Safe and pleasant neighborhood

* Great places for kids to play
* Many Parks & Playgrounds
* Discovery Bay Plaza (great kid play area)

Master Bedroom
* King Size Bed (sleeps 2)
* Clothes Rack & Storage Space

Second Bedroom
* Bunk Bed (sleeps 2)
* Futon Sofa Bed (sleeps 2)
* Clothes Rack & Storage Space

Third Bedroom
* Bunk Bed (sleeps 2)
* Clothes Rack & Storage Space

Living Room
* 42″ Flat Screen TV
* NOW TV with HBO, Discovery Channel and more
* Comfortable Sofa Bed (Queen size, sleep 2)

* Refrigerator
* Gas Stove
* Toaster
* Microwave
* Coffee Maker
* Coffee Grinder
* Silverware & Cutlery
* Dishware, Cups & Glasses
* Pots & Pans

Other Amenities
* Beautiful Sea View
* 300M High Speed Internet
* Air Conditioners in every room
* Extra Foldable Beds

Building Features
* Elevator
* Children’s Outdoor Play Area
* Safe and Pleasant Neighborhood

* Weekly Cleaning with Fresh Linens & Towels
* Cleaning Service available on-demand for an additional fee

* Bus stops downstairs every 5-10 minutes
* Bus to Plaza / Ferry (1 minute) or Sunny Bay MTR Station (15 minutes)
* Ferry is 25 minutes to Central
* Sunny Bay MTR is 30 minutes to Central
* Local Car Service available within Discovery Bay


  • 允許帶寵物
  • 電視
  • 有線電視
  • 寬帶網絡
  • 無線網路
  • 空調
  • 暖氣
  • 電梯
  • 無障礙設施
  • 廚房
  • 洗衣機/烘乾機
  • 適合家庭/兒童
  • 海景


清潔費 HKD 481 (每次入住)
每位額外客人每晚付 HKD 161 (6位客人後)
押金 HKD 0
此筆款項將在您辦理入住手續時由房東當面收取,或退房時由房東退還給您,以防止物品損壞或遺失。 了解更多
取消 嚴格
入住前 7 天半額退款(不包括 HomeAway 服務費)





#1 - No smoking inside the apartment. If you would like to smoke please do so on the balcony only. There is an ash tray provided for you on the balcony shelf.
#2 - Please treat all household items with care and respect. You are free to use the items in our home but please be careful with them and do your best to avoid damaging anything.
#3 - Please help us conserve electricity by using the air conditioner units, heaters, lights, etc. only when you are home.
#4 - Please help us conserve water when you bathe and try to shower in an efficient way that minimizes the amount of water you use. Also, please hang your towels if you wish to keep it or place them on the floor if you need a clean replacement.
#5 - Please try your best to keep the noise down and do not disturb our neighbors. There are many families and working professionals here in Discovery Bay so please be mindful of them.
#6 - Have fun! We think you'll enjoy yourself in Discovery Bay and in Hong Kong so please do have a good time!
#7 - Let us know if you have any questions or would like any recommendations.
#1 - 公寓內不准吸煙。如需吸煙,請往露台,我們亦在此為你準備了煙灰缸。謝謝!
#2 - 請愛護我們家中的所有傢俱以及所有物品如同你愛護自己家中的一樣。請盡量小心,避免浪費和破壞 。
#3 - 請幫忙愛護地球和我們家,盡量節約用電,在外出時請關掉冷氣機、暖氣、電燈等。
#4 - 請幫忙愛惜地球,在浸浴或淋浴時盡量節約用水。另外,如果你想繼續使用毛巾,請把毛巾掛起;如果你需要更換毛巾,請把毛巾放在地上。
#5 - 請盡量保持安靜,以免影響我們鄰居的休息。
#6 - 我們希望你在愉景灣和香港渡過愉快的時光!
#7 - 如果你有任何問題或查詢,請讓我們知道!
#1-禁止吸煙的地方汽車服務公寓內。如果你想要抽煙請上這樣做唯一的陽臺。還有陽臺架子上為您提供一個煙灰缸。#2-請善待所有家居用品關愛與尊重。你可以自由地使用我們的家中的專案,但請一定要小心,盡你所能避免損壞任何東西。#3-請説明我們節約用電,通過使用空調機組、 加熱器、 燈等,只有當你回家。#4-請説明我們節約用水,當你洗澡的時候,試著要你沐浴用有效的方式,儘量減少水的量使用。此外,請掛你的毛巾,如果你想保持它,或將它們放在地板上,如果你需要一個乾淨的替代。#5-請你盡力保持降低噪音,請勿打擾我們的鄰居。有很多的家庭和工作的專業人員在這裡在愉景灣所以請不要忘記他們。#6-玩得開心 !我們覺得你會喜歡自己在愉景灣和 Hong 香港所以請做得很開心 !#7-讓我們知道是否您有任何疑問或想要的任何建議。#-公寓內不准吸煙。 1如需吸煙,請往露臺,我們亦在此為你準備了煙灰缸。謝謝 !#-請愛護我們家中的所有傢俱以及所有物品如同你愛護自己家中的一樣。 2請盡量小心,避免浪費和破壞。#-請幫忙愛護地球和我們家,盡量節約用電,在外出時請關掉冷氣機、暖氣、電燈等。 3#-請幫忙愛惜地球,在浸浴或淋浴時盡量節約用水。 4另外,如果你想繼續使用毛巾,請把毛巾掛起;如果你需要更換毛巾,請把毛巾放在地上。#-請盡量保持安靜,以免影響我們鄰居的休息。 5#6-我們希望你在愉景灣和香港渡過愉快的時光! #7-如果你有任何問題或查詢,請讓我們知道!


入住 下午2:00
退房 上午11:00
面積 870ft2
最短住宿天數 1 晚
最長住宿天數 90 晚

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We stayed in this home for four nights. Excellent location, furnishings and view. Very quiet. Bus stops in front of the building. We will stay here again.



This place is a very nice accommodation for families and friends. Stayed there for 3 nights and Jennifer was just an incredible host - informative and very helpful. The neighbourhood was wonderful, far from the busy streets of Hongkong. Transportation was also efficient, there were lots of buses that stop just right in front of the building ready to bring you to different destinations. Also. the apartment itself is very cozy and spacious, can accommodate many guests. Will definitely recommend this place to everyone!
這個地方是很好的住宿,為家人和朋友。住了 3 晚和詹妮弗沒有不僅僅是令人難以置信的主機-翔實和非常有説明。鄰里是美妙的遠離香港繁華的街道。交通也是效率高,有很多的巴士,正好門前準備將你帶到不同的目的地。而且。公寓本身很舒適也很寬敞,可同時容納許多客人。肯定會給大家推薦這個地方 !
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Utterly perfect! If you want to get out of all the buzz and congestion of hong kong cities, this is the perfect location. It's ideal for a big group to which travelling through a hectic area can be a big challenge. The neighborhood is very clean and quiet, and the ocean view from this house is fantastic! Jennifer provided us all the necessary information and local recommendations for a pleasant stay. She was quick to respond, and very kind to plan changes, etc. The facility might seem bit old in the pictures, but it's way better than how it looks. It's very well-maintained and clean, and it's got a very warm and home-like atmosphere. I would definitely go back again.
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Wow, talk about making a trip to Hong Kong simple. Jennifer provided more information and assistance than we have ever had at a rental property. Her recommendations of where to eat and where to go were spot on. The location of the property itself was excellent, making getting anywhere a breeze, and that's not easy when you're a group of 10.

The apartment was perfect for us. So nice to have a bed for everyone (and a couple of extras) and a fridge to keep all our food in so that we could at least have breakfast at home. The two bathrooms were much appreciated by all, as was the wireless internet. All in all just a great place for all of us to be together and launch into Disney, Ocean Park, Nnong Ping, the night markets and various other locations and nice and close to the airport via one bus (much appreciated considering how much luggage we had).

Thanks Jennifer, and we'll see you next time!

Rob from Canada.
哇,談到 Hong 香港作一次旅行簡單。詹妮弗提供更多的資訊和援助比我們曾經在出租物業。她建議去哪裡吃飯,要去哪裡都點上。該屬性本身的位置不錯,製作得到任何地方的一陣清風,和這是不容易的當你 10 國集團。該公寓是適合我們的。很高興為大家 (和一些演員) 有一張床和一台冰箱,把我們所有的食物都放在這樣我們至少可以在家裡吃早餐。兩個浴室被感謝的一切,正如無線互聯網。都在為我們所有人在一起,發射到迪士尼、 海洋公園、 Nnong 坪、 夜市場和各種其他地點都只是偉大的地方乾淨和通過一個匯流排 (非常讚賞考慮我們有多少行李) 機場附近的酒店。感謝珍妮佛和我們會看到你下一次 !來自加拿大的羅伯特。
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From my supervisor:

"My assistant found me this apartment in Discovery Bay. After going through the details, it seems this should accommodate my needs and my children's too. The place is very good, tidy and very welcoming. The environment is so quiet and calm and very convenient for with kids. Though rooms are small, it didn't matter anyway. They are very comfortable. I did not feel that I am not home for a second. Since the apartment was equipped with all the daily needs, I didn't have to bother for anything more.

The public transportation was just great, there are buses running every 15mins or even less. The bus stop is just in front of the building. The plaza is one place where one can get all the daily needs and the place is full of restaurants. Since all the buses terminate in the Plaza and if you want to go to central, the ferry bay is also located here. I enjoyed my stay here in Jennifer's apartment. I would highly recommend this to those who seek to have a comfortable stay in Hong Kong.

Though I did not get to meet Jenniffer in person, she was very prompt in replying to my messages while in HK; and, guided me to wherever I needed to go. And yes, the caretaker was very helpful and kind to answer my questions too. I had great time in HK; and this accommodation was near perfect. I would consider coming back again."
從我的上司:"我助手幫我找到這間公寓在愉景灣。經過細節,看來這應該容納我需要和我的孩子。這個地方是非常好的、 整潔的、 非常受歡迎。環境是那麼安靜和平靜並對孩子們非常方便。雖然房間很小,這沒關係反正。他們都很舒服。感覺不到我不是第二次回家。由於公寓配備了所有日常的需要,我沒有打擾的東西更多。公共交通工具是只是偉大的有公車運行每 15 分鐘或更少。公共汽車站就在大樓的前面。廣場是一個可以得到所有的日常需求和這到處都是餐館的一個地方。因為所有的公共汽車在廣場終止,如果你想要前往中環,渡輪灣是也設在這裡。我很喜歡我在詹妮弗的公寓的逗留。強烈建議這對那些想要過一個舒適的人留在 Hong 的市民。雖然我沒能滿足珍妮菲的人,她是非常及時地回復我的郵件,而在港元 ;並引導我到線在需要將去的地方。看守者是的是非常有益的善良,太回答我的問題。我玩的很開心在香港 ;和這一住宿是近乎完美。我會考慮再回來。
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Excellent location and convenience. Jennifer is a good communicator and very helpful. The instructions for transportation is very thorough which makes it simplistic. Location was quiet and beautiful but a lot of convenience nearby(restaurants, daily shopping needs). We picked the location because it is very close to Disneyland. The apartment was very nice and easy to make yourself at home.
優越的地理位置和便利。詹妮弗是一個很好的溝通者,非常樂於助人。這使得它簡單,運輸指令是十分透徹。位置是安靜和美麗,但很多便利附近 (餐館裡,日常購物的需求)。我們挑選的位置,因為它非常接近迪士尼樂園。該公寓是很好,容易讓自己在家裡。
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Our stay at this apartment was great. It was well equipped and very clean and well presented. Access to central, Disneyland, the airport and the rest of Lantau Island was very easy and convenient by bus, ferry and train. DB is a great base for a stay in HK. Jennifer sent me lots of information and answered all my questions very quickly and with great detail. I will recommend this apartment to my friends.
我們住在這間公寓很棒。很好的裝備和非常乾淨和井提出。獲得中央、 迪士尼樂園、 機場及大嶼山的休息是非常容易和方便的公共汽車、 渡輪和火車。DB 是一個留在香港為一大基地。詹妮弗寄給我很多的資訊和回答我的問題,很快,非常詳細。我將向我的朋友推薦這間公寓。
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In one word I can say "splendid". The host Jennifer is really quite supportive in answering queries and providing any sort of inputs to make your trip successful. We had 10 adults (6 of them were aged 50+) - this was actually a trip planned by my wife to bring our parents to Hong Kong as a part of thanks giving hence it was a very memorable trip for us. I'd like to thank Jennifer from the bottom of my heart for the kind support given.
For other travelers who are not aware of Hong Kong at all, you might feel that the place is away from central area but trust me, living in singapore, I value the fact that after a hectic day, you come back to a peaceful environment for which this is an ideal location. Cheers and hope to be back here some day again...thanks!
總之一句話,我可以說"太棒了"。詹妮弗主機也是解答查詢和提供任何種類的投入,以使您的旅行成功真的相當支援。我們有 10 個成人 (6 例老年 50 +)-這是實際的旅行計畫由我的妻子,帶給我們的父母 Hong 港作為因此感恩節的一部分是對我們來說非常難忘的旅行。我想感謝珍妮佛從底部的我的心,給予的熱心支援。其他旅行者,不知道 Hong 香港的根本,你可能覺得這個地方離中心區,但相信我,生活在新加坡,我重視這一事實在忙碌的一天之後, 你回到一個和平的環境,這是一個理想的位置。人們的歡呼和希望能回到這裡改天再...謝謝 !
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