Fantastic (HK) in the Heart of HK

Fantastic (HK) in the Heart of HK

Hong Kong, Wan Chai




  • 公寓
  • 整間住宅/公寓
  • 12 位客人
  • 3房
  • 7張床
  • 2間浴室




Greetings !

In the very center of Hong Kong, you can experience the spirit and convenience that life in Hong Kong.

The apartment has a extra balcony. I made 2 bathrooms and toilets since May 2012.
The stylish property comes newly renovated, located in the heart of Hong Kong. This property combines style & comfort, peace & quiet and accessibility to the most desireable spots in the city.
Excellent location
To airport : 60 minutes by Bus A11 (HK$40),
30 minutes by airport express (HK$100),
45 minutes by taxi (HK$300)
-15 minutes to Ocean Park by Bus
-10 minutes to Lan Kwai Fong, Central by MTR
-1 station to Time Squrae, Causway Bay
-2 station away from Central, Financial District
-2 station to Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
-5 minutes walk to fresh vegetable & fruit market

We are on Lockhart Rd & O'Brien Rd, we're just 10 second walk from the closest subway stop (Wanchai MTR exit A1 or C) with the airport bus stop literally at our doorstep. Convenience stores, Bars, Supermarket, grocery stores, pharmacy, massage salons, fruit shops, shopping mall, post office , tram/flight ticket agencies, cafe, bakeries, bus stops & tram stop....Easy access to everything you may need in the neighborhood.

You could do simple cooking in the apartment. However, most visitors would be unlikely to do that because of the wide variety of restaurants nearby: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai, western food and street food for late night hunger. Needless to say: you would also be well served by McDonalds, Pizza Huts, Subways, Deli-france, Marks & Spencers and other fast food chains.

The perfect vacation or business trip rental, all the modern amenities in our apartment,
we provide towels, linens, hair dryers, iron & iron board, shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste. A mattress is available at request.

The rooms listed have TV, refrigerator, water heater, air-conditioners, washing machine & microwave, free WIFI internet access and telephone for free local call..

The room itself is big & comfortable. It has a queen sized bed, a deck double bed and a double bed. It also has some carbinets to put all your clothes.
There are many TV channel including news & entertainment.

ALL the Clean Bed Sheets / Towel are replaced before Check-in.
Extra Cleaning / Clean Bed Sheets / Towel are replacement on request during your stay at USD$50 per visit (cleaning time around 1 hour).

A guide book of Hong Kong will be waiting for you in the room when you check-in.

Our team is the local Hong Kong, can give you advice, recommedations and guide you in any way possible. We are user friendly, early / late check-in or check-out is available if it's possible. No extra charges.

The apartment is also available for long term rent. Pls let me know if you have anymore questions.
問候 !在非常 Hong 香港中心你可以體驗精神和方便 Hong 市民的生活。公寓裡有一個額外的陽臺。自 2012 年 5 月以來,我取得 2 浴室和廁所。時尚的酒店是新裝修,位於 Hong 香港的心臟。此屬性結合風格 & 舒適、 和平 & 安靜和到最吸引人的地方,在這座城市中的協助工具。優越的地理位置,到機場: 乘巴士 A11 60 分鐘 (港幣 $40),乘機場快遞 (港幣 $100),乘計程車 (HK$ 300) 前往海洋公園乘公共汽車-10 分鐘-15 分鐘到蘭桂坊、 中央乘地鐵-1 45 分鐘站至中央,金融區-2 站至尖沙咀,距離 Causway 灣-2 站時間採集 30 分鐘九龍-5 分鐘步行到新鮮的蔬菜 & 水果市場我們在駱克 Rd & 奧勃良路我們只是從最近的地鐵站 (灣仔地鐵出口 A1 或 C) 與機場巴士站,從字面上在我們家門口步行 10 秒。便利店、 酒吧議員、 超市、 雜貨店、 藥房、 按摩沙龍、 水果商店議員、 購物中心、 郵局、 電車/航班票務代理、 咖啡廳、 麵包店、 巴士站 & 電車停止......輕鬆訪問您可能需要在附近的一切。你可以做簡單的烹飪在公寓裡。然而,大多數遊客不可能這樣做,因為各種各樣的餐廳: 中國、 日本、 韓國、 印度和泰國,西式食品,街邊小吃深夜饑餓。不用說: 你也最好還是由麥當勞、 比薩餅小屋,地鐵,熟食店法國,標記 & 托普和其他速食連鎖店。完美的假期或商務旅行出租,所有的現代設施,在我們的公寓,我們提供了毛巾、 床單、 吹風機、 鐵 & 燙衣板、 洗髮水、 沐浴露、 牙刷和牙膏。一個床墊是請求公開發售。列出的房間有電視、 冰箱、 熱水器、 冷氣機、 洗衣機 & 微波,免費 WIFI 上網和電話免費市內電話。房間本身就是大 & 舒適。它有一張大號床,一甲板張雙人床和一張雙人床。它還具有一些 carbinets,把你的衣服。有很多的電視頻道,包括新聞 & 娛樂。乾淨的床單毛巾取代在簽入之前。額外的清洗、 清潔床單、 毛巾是置換對請求期間停留在 USD$ 50 每次訪問 (清洗時間 1 小時左右)。當您簽入把 Hong 香港指南書在房間裡等著你。我們的團隊是當地 Hong 香港,可以給你忠告,建議並引導你在任何可能的方式。我們是方便使用的早/晚簽入或簽出是可用的如果可能的話。沒有額外的費用。對於長租公寓也是可用的。請讓我知道是否你有了 questions.


  • 電視
  • 有線電視
  • 衛星電視
  • 寬帶網絡
  • 空調
  • 暖氣
  • 電梯
  • 廚房
  • 洗衣機/烘乾機
  • 適合家庭/兒童


清潔費 HKD 600 (每次入住)
每位額外客人每晚付 HKD 160 (9位客人後)
押金 HKD 0
此筆款項將在您辦理入住手續時由房東當面收取,或退房時由房東退還給您,以防止物品損壞或遺失。 了解更多
取消 嚴格
入住前 7 天半額退款(不包括 HomeAway 服務費)





When you call or SMS me, please mention the place of (HK) that you stay.
Please do not mention you've booked a room online with the doormen or neighbors of the building. If asked please just say you're staying with your friend Sally (me).

Please do not put towels on the floor as floor carpets

For safety and energy saving concerns, please turn off the lights, water heater, and air conditioning after you leave.

Early check-in or late check-out can be arranged without charges. It will depend on the booking on that day availability and must alert me up-front. I will arrange a place for you to leave your luggage if requested. If you need to check-in late or check-out early, please inform me ahead of time.

The idea behind our properties is to create a “home away from home” feeling; a property that is unique and stylish and provides an authentic atmosphere for those who want to experience a special part of Hong Kong.

Please respect your surroundings, whether it is the materials that have been provided to make your stay as comfortable as possible or the people in the neighborhood. Most of all enjoy your stay!

House Manual
Switch the air conditioner on directly.
Please switch off the AC when you leave the place. If the AC is turned on for a long time, it can overheat and possibly sustain damage.
2.Water Heater
It is town gas heater. Please turn on the heater directly.
3.Wi-Fi Service
The username and password will be on the keycard.
If it does not work,
a. Disconnect the modem’s power plug and router for 5 minutes, then connect and try again
b. If it does not work after repeating step A, contact me
4.Bedding and lining
The towels, bedding, and lining are washed before your check-in. We can provide another set if you are not satisfied. Please let us know if you need any extra bedding or any other amenities.
5.Garbage Disposal
The public garbage bin is located at the back of the rear door. Rubbish bags are placed in the upper cabinet and are collected every night.
We will provide all the toilet paper, shower liquid, shampoo, and detergent. If you need any of these, please let me know.
7.Useful calls and links
a. Emergency/police: 999
b. Public hospital: Ruttonjee Hospital, No.266 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai. Tel: *****
c. Clinic: H&P Medical Centre, Shop 6C 6/F, Southorn Centre, Johnston Road (next to Wan Chai MTR Exit A3). Tel: *****
a. Taxi service to airport: *****, *****, *****
b. Van service: *****

c. Public Transportation:
9.Hong Kong Spots
a. Disneyland @@@@@
b. Ocean Park @@@@@
c. The Peak @@@@@
d. Wong Tai Sin Temple @@@@@
e. 360 Cable Car @@@@@
f. Stanley Market @@@@@
10.Wan Chai Spots
a. Wet Market, located at Stone Nullah Lane and Wanchai Road. It is famous for its seafood and fresh fruit.
b. Toy’s Street, at Tai Yuen Street
c. Convenience Shops (7 Eleven, Circle K): Lockhart Road/O’Brien Road, Hennessy Road/O’Brien Road, Hennessy Road/Luard Road
d. California Fitness Centre, at Gloucester Road/O’Brien Road
If any issue arises during your stay, please let us know immediately. We can make a partial refund if the issue occurs before check-out.
If you check-out very early in the morning, please leave the keys on the table and send a message to me. Our staff will come to collect it later. Lost keys will be charged $50USD per set.

13. If any stranger knocks on the door and asks who the owner is and if you paid any fees to the owner, do not answer their questions and do not let them enter the place. Kindly call me immediately.

14.Our staff
Please send message/@@@@@/e-mail/call us if you have any question or problem. We will try solve the problem as soon as possible.
Sally *****
Derek ***** 11am-7pm
Basa ***** 7pm-10am

Please let us know what you expected, we will try our best to provide “home-away from home” service to all of you. Most of all, ENJOY !
When 的心,你叫或 SMS 我,請注明你呆的地方 (香港)。請不要提及你已經訂了房間線上及閘衛或建築物的鄰居。如果問請你留下來和你的朋友莎莉 (我) 只是說。請不要把毛巾在地板上地板地毯為安全和節能減排的關注,請隨手關燈,水加熱器和空調在你離開後。不收費,可以安排提前入住或延遲退房。它將取決於對那天可用性訂票,必須通知我前期。我會安排一個地方讓你把你的行李,如果要求。如果你需要晚入住或提前退房,請提前通知我。我們的物業背後的想法是要創建一種"賓至如歸"的感覺 ;是獨特的時尚和地道的氛圍為那些想要體驗 Hong 香港的一個特殊部分的屬性。請尊重你周圍的環境,無論是提供了使您盡可能舒適的逗留或人在附近的材料。最重要的是享受停留 !房子手冊 1.Air-空調: 直接開啟空調。請當你離開的地方,關掉空調。如果交流打開了很長時間了,它可以過熱,並可能遭受破壞。2.熱水器是城鎮燃氣熱水器。請直接打開加熱器。3.Wi 上網服務的使用者名和密碼將鑰匙卡。如果它不工作,a.斷開數據機的電源插頭和路由器 5 分鐘,然後連接並再試一次 b。如果它不工作重複步驟 A 後,與我聯繫 4.床上用品和襯砌的毛巾、 床上用品和襯砌,洗之前辦理入住手續。我們可以提供另一組如果你不滿意。請讓我們知道是否你需要任何額外的床上用品或任何其他設施和服務。5、 垃圾處置公共垃圾桶坐落在後門的門後面。垃圾袋子放在上部的內閣和被收集的每個夜晚。6.我們將提供所有衛生紙、 沐浴液、 洗髮水和洗滌劑的實用程式。如果您需要任何一項,請讓我知道。7.有用的電話和聯繫 a.緊急/員警: 999 b.公立醫院: 律敦治醫院,266 號皇后大道東、 灣仔。電話: * * * c.診所: H & P 的醫療中心,莊士敦道 (靠近灣灣仔地鐵出口 A3) 號修頓中心 6 樓 6 C 店。電話: * * * 8.機場運輸 a.計程車服務: * * *,* * *,* * * b.范服務: * * * @@@ c.公共交通: @@@ @@@ @@@ 9.Hong 香港景點 a.狄斯奈樂園 @@@ b.海洋公園 @@@ c。高峰期 @@@ d.黃大仙廟 @@@ e.360 纜車 @@@ f.赤柱市場 @@@ 10.柴灣景點 a.濕貨街市,位於石水渠街及灣仔道。它是著名的海鮮和新鮮水果。b.玩具街、 太原街 c.便利店 (7 十一圈 K): 駱克道/柯布連道、 軒尼詩道/柯布連道,軒尼詩道/盧押道 d.加利福尼亞健身中心,在告士打道/柯布連道 11.索賠如果在你逗留期間出現的任何問題請讓我們知道立即。如果問題出現在退房之前,我們可以使部分退款。12.Check-出如果清晨很早的簽出,請把鑰匙留在桌上,並向我發送消息。我們的工作人員會來收集它以後。丟失的鑰匙將收取每套 50USD 美元。13.如果任何陌生人敲了敲門,問主人是誰,如果你支付任何費用給屋主,不回答他們的問題,不讓他們進入的地方。請立即給我打電話。14.我們的工作人員請寄 message/@@@/e-mail/call 如果您有任何疑問或問題。我們會儘快解決這個問題。莎莉 * * * 德里克 * * * 11 上午-7 下午巴沙 * * * 7 下午-10 上午請讓我們知道你的預期,我們將盡力提供"主客場從家"的服務,誠摯的祝福: 祝你。最重要的是,享受 !


入住 下午3:00
退房 上午11:00
面積 900ft2
最短住宿天數 2 晚
最長住宿天數 90 晚

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This was our first stay in Hong Kong as a family (grandparents, spouse & 2 boys ages 7 & 8). The kitchen seemed to need some love...quite dirty (fridge handles, stove & lighting switches) and the dishes were old and mismatched as well as the pots & pans. The 3rd bedroom bed was very uncomfortable (lack of support from old springs) and the room was so small we couldn't walk around the bed. The other beds were comfortable and there was plenty of soap and shampoo/conditioner in the showers. The location was excellent! So easy to hop on the MTR, Bus and a Taxi Stand was right out front. Wi-Fi was very strong. Sally was very responsive with any and all questions we had!
這是我們第一次在 Hong 香港作為一個家庭 (祖父母、 配偶 & 2 男孩年齡為 7 和 8)。廚房裡似乎需要一些愛很髒 (冰箱手柄,爐 & 照明開關) 和碗又舊又不匹配以及盆 & 鍋。第三臥室床是很不舒服 (缺乏支援從舊泉) 和房間太小,我們不能走在床邊。其他床很舒適,還有大量的肥皂和洗髮水/護髮素在淋浴。位置太棒了 !很容易跳上地鐵,巴士和的士站了右前方。無線上網是很強。莎莉是非常符合我們的任何和所有問題 !
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Stayed for 5days, have good experience overall. Sally fix the shower head quickly and response to request soon. Would love to be back for future Hong Kong trip. Thank you.
呆了 5 天,總有好的經驗。莎莉修復淋浴頭迅速,並且要求很快的反應。想要回為未來 Hong 香港之旅。謝謝。
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A very clean and good place for family. We did enjoy our day. The kitchen very useful for us as travel with kids. Location is super nice. Just next to MRT station.



Very good location very close to Wanchai station. Many good restaurants located around the place. Host team is very helpful and easy to contact.
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The place is so great.very high recomended place to stay. It was clean and all fscilities works well. We will definetly book the place again. Thanks for being a good host for us sally. Send our best regards to basa.
這個地方是如此 great.very 高推薦的住宿地點。它很乾淨,所有 fscilities 都效果很好。我們再將肯定書的地方。謝謝你對我們來說一個好東道主莎莉。發送巴沙向我們問好。
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the place is very conveniently near the Wan Chai MTR station. You can easily go around the city. You will never get hungry because there are lot of stores nearby. Downstairs, there are Chinese restaurant and retail stores.
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