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Budget 2 room apt for 4 pax,3F22

Budget 2 room apt for 4 pax,3F22

Hong Kong, Kowloon, Jordan




  • 公寓
  • 整間住宅/公寓
  • 7 位客人
  • 2房
  • 3張床
  • 1間浴室




This is a 2 bedroom apartment, good for 4 people

Key area: can reach 3 MTR stations in 5 mins: Kowloon, Jordan & Austin

The Space
This cozy 2 bedroom apartment is well-equipped with all basic living necessity


There are 2 x double bed
This is good for 4 people
Also has a private bathroom + FREE wireless internet. Convenient and allow you complete privacy


Well-equipped kitchen with electric cooker & cooking amenities.
Good for family travelers


Location is excellent. Just right next to Austin Exit A. Extremely convenient to travel to Hong Kong spots. Just 5 - 10 mins walk (or take 1 MTR station) to Tsim Sha Tsui for all shopping!

位於柯士甸地鐵站A出口旁邊,5 - 10 分鐘 (或坐一站地鐵) 就可步行至尖沙咀,十分方便。

From airport you can take A22 Airport Bus directly to the apartment. It takes within 30 mins and the bus stop is right located 5 mins from the apartment

從機場可乘 A22 機場巴士,約30分鐘,巴士站僅距大廈5分鐘

Prime Location:
Can reach 3 subway stations within 1 - 8 mins:

Kowloon station: directly airport express line to airport & reach Disneyland in 20 mins for only 6 stations

Austin: one station from Tsim Sha Tsui and two stations to Mong Kok

Jordan: 3 stations to Central, 4 stations to Causeway Bay

柯士甸︰距尖沙咀 (1站) 及旺角 (2站)
佐敦︰距中環 (3站) 及銅鑼灣 (4站)

Amenities including:
Air-conditioner, hair dryer, water boiler, TV


We are located on the 11 floor of the building with elevator

We hope to provide a nice, clean, simply and budget accommodation to all Hong Kong travelers. Hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to see you!


From here to:
Central / Wan Chai / Causeway Bay: 15 mins
Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Pier: 15 mins
Ocean Park: 30 mins
Disneyland: 30 mins

這是 2 間臥室的公寓,好 4 人的關鍵區域: 能夠在 5 分鐘內的 3 個地鐵站: 九龍,Jordan & Austin 空間這舒適 2 間臥室的公寓是配備所有的基本生活必要性這個兩房公寓簡單清潔,各種基本生活設備都齊全,希望提供一個方便乾淨的住宿環境有 2 x 雙床上,這是良好的 4 人也有一個私人浴室 + 免費無線上網。方便,並允許你完成隱私房間有兩張雙人床,獨立衛浴設備,以及免費無線上網。用電飯煲 & 烹飪設施齊全的廚房。好的家庭旅行設備齊全的廚房,有電爐及煮食工具適闔家庭旅客位置是優秀的。剛剛好下一步對 Austin 退出 A.極其方便前往 Hong 香港景點。只是 5-10 分鐘步行 (或採取 1 地鐵站) 往尖沙嘴所有購物 !位於柯士甸地鐵站A出口旁邊,5-10 分鐘 (或坐一站地鐵) 就可步行至尖沙咀,十分方便。從機場,您可以乘坐 A22 機場大巴直接到了公寓。需要在 30 分鐘內,巴士站是正確位於 5 分鐘從公寓從機場可乘 A22 機場巴士,約30分鐘,巴士站僅距大廈5分鐘總理位置: 可以達到 1 8 分鐘內的 3 個地鐵站: 九龍車站: 直接機場快線到機場 & 達到狄斯奈樂園在 20 分鐘內只有 6 監測站 Austin: 一個站從尖沙嘴和兩個站至旺角角 Jordan: 到中央,4 3 站站到銅鑼灣地點優越,可步行至柯士甸、佐敦、及九龍地鐵站︰ 九龍︰直通機場 (機場快線) 及廸士尼樂園柯士甸︰距尖沙咀 (1站) 及旺角 (2站) 佐敦︰距中環 (3站) 及銅鑼灣 (4站) 的設施,包括: 空調,吹風機、 熱水鍋爐、 電視設備有︰ 空調、吹風機、電水壺及電視我們位於 11 樓建築的電梯,我們希望能提供一個很好的乾淨,只是和預算對所有 Hong 香港旅客住宿。希望您享受您的逗留並期待著見到你 !從這裡到我們在大廈11樓,有電梯我們希望提供乾淨實惠的房間給你﹗: 中央 / 灣柴 / 銅鑼灣: 15 分鐘 Hong 香港港澳碼頭: 15 分鐘海洋公園: 30 分鐘一班迪士尼樂園: 30 分鐘中環、灣仔、銅鑼灣︰15分鐘澳門碼頭︰15分鐘海洋公園︰30分鐘廸士尼樂園︰30分鐘


  • 電視
  • 寬帶網絡
  • 無線網路
  • 空調
  • 電梯
  • 廚房
  • 門童
  • 適合家庭/兒童


清潔費 HKD 50 (每次入住)
每位額外客人每晚付 HKD 50 (5位客人後)
押金 HKD 0
此筆款項將在您辦理入住手續時由房東當面收取,或退房時由房東退還給您,以防止物品損壞或遺失。 了解更多
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入住前 7 天半額退款(不包括 HomeAway 服務費)





入住 下午2:00
退房 下午12:00
面積 沒有註明
最短住宿天數 1 晚
最長住宿天數 180 晚

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Vina C


Really worth the price. The location is very close to MTR Austin Station, there is a grocery store just across the street of the apartment building, there are so many dining options/restaurants in the area, fast internet connection.

- It's somehow hard to cook food because there is no electric socket near the stove (which is electric), but they did provide an extension cord, although it can hardly reach the stove's wire.
- It is MANDATORY to call the host when you arrive in the place. Upon exiting the MTR station as they have instructed, you will see the AUSTIN INN signage. We went upstairs to their "front desk" which is still inside a room. We knocked and knocked and knocked but no one was answering. I consider this a con because I do not have a local sim to call them and the local sim was pretty expensive. What I did is that I called them using my sim from my home country and was charged for roaming calls fee. Lo and behold, when their frontdesk personnel answered the phone, I can clearly hear him from outside the door. Meaning, he has been there the whole time we were knocking, but was not answering.

Overall, the experience and the place is within my expectations. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Ka W


唔錯既選擇, 係房間與地鐵站距離稍遠!!
但附近有超市, 便利店, 同埋唔少野食!!



窗簾很多灰塵,應頻密換洗。其他 ok 。



Place is very dirty, I spent 2 hours cleaning the toilet ( I bought the detergent) before we could use it. Someone used the toilet before we arrived and it was not flushed. We have moved to a hotel and it is cheaper than what we were paying for this place. (We left early) We weren't expecting perfection but this was extremely sub-par. The only positive of staying in this apartment was when we went out and ate at the various food places around the area. There is an abundance of restaurants and eateries. Be cautious of this place. Hopefully the host can pick up their game and become a cleaner and more thoughtful accommodation provider.
地方很髒,我花了 2 小時清洗的廁所 (買下了洗滌劑) 我們可以使用它之前。之前我們到達和它未被刷新,有人使用廁所。我們已經搬到一家酒店,它的價格比我們這個地方被付。(我們很早出發)我們並不期待完美,但這是非常低於平均水準。只有積極的住在這公寓的時候我們走了出去,在該地區的食物各地吃了。還有大量的餐館和餐館。謹慎的這個地方。希望主機可以拿起他們的遊戲,成為一個更清潔、 更周到的住宿提供者。
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very good inn. convenient to all traffic connections. nice staying.



Kleines Apartment in einer guten man darf keine großen Ansprüche haben sehr günstig alles hat gut geklappt auch die Übergabe alles toll erklärt würden wir wegen der Lage wieder mieten
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Appartamento piccolo, pulizia molto lontana dagli standard europei
Bagno molto sporco, con sporcizia incrostata nel tempo, muri molto sporchi non tintegiati da sempre, a tratti con macchie di muffa e di umidità, sebbene vicino a Nathan Road il palazzo e in un quartiere molto pocco accogliente, frigorifferro inavvicinabile con tutto il ghiaccio marron, . Il tappeto per il bagno uno straccio lurido sporcato da inquilini presenti. Esperienza traumatizzante che non consiglio a nessuno. Abbiamo dovuto gli ultimi due giorni prenotatto un albergo L"unica cosa positiva la gentilezza del personale e la possibile di anticipare il chek in prima dell"ora stabilità
小的公寓,離很遠歐洲標準的廁所很髒,沾滿污垢結束時間的、 骯髒的牆壁不總是,有時用的模具和水分,修補程式 tintegiati 雖然彌敦道附近的皇宮和鄰居非常友好,驅動與所有冰栗子,靠近 frigorifferro 以來幾乎沒什麼變動。浴室髒抹布租客目前被弄髒的地毯。我不推薦給任何人的創傷經驗。我們已經過去兩天 prenotatto L ' 家易主 cosa positiva 友好和可以預見"穩定現在之前簽入
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We were a group of 3 adults in the 11A unit. Overall, it was an okay stay.

The worst bit was there was lots of cockroaches. We killed 2-3 every few days from the first day we were there. Make sure to wash all cups, bowls and cooking utensils thoroughly before using.

Other problems:
- Internet kept breaking on the last few days of our stay
- toilet flushes most of the time, but sometimes doesn't (we had to flush it with a bucket of water)
- unit is very very small
- dusty and dry in unit
- bathroom tiny (shower & toilet together)

However, the host was very prompt to address our problems - the problems weren't solved though and cockroaches remained.

The good things:
- very close to austin MTR (5min walk) and Jordan MTR (10min walk)
- lots of eating places nearby
- basic equipment supplied (eg. bowls, cups, kettle, eating & cooking utensils, cleaning detergent, shampoo, toilet paper)
- other than cockroaches, everything else was somewhat tidy and clean
- cable TV
- fast internet if it didn't disconnect
我們是一群的第 11a 條單位 3 名成人。總的來說,這是一個好的逗留。最糟糕的一點是,大量的蟑螂。我們殺死 2-3 每隔幾天從我們在那裡的第一天。請確保在使用前徹底清洗所有的杯子、 碗和炊具。其他問題:-互聯網不斷打破在最後幾天的停留-廁所刷新的大部分時間,但有時不會 (我們不得不沖洗用一桶水)-單位是非常非常小 — — 滿是灰塵和乾燥裝置-浴室很小 (淋浴 & 廁所在一起) 然而,主機是非常迅速地解決我們的問題 — — 雖然並不解決問題依然是蟑螂。美好的事物:-非常接近奧斯丁地鐵 (步行 5 分鐘) 和 Jordan 地鐵 (10 分鐘步行路程)-很多吃的地方附近-提供基本設備 (eg。 碗、 杯子、 水壺、 吃 & 炊具、 清潔洗滌劑、 洗髮水、 衛生紙)-其他比蟑螂,一切是有點整潔-有線電視-快速的互聯網,如果它沒有斷開連接
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1. Clean & Tidy
2. Value-for-money

1. Quite a distant from Mongkok, the city centre
2. The apartment is small and cramped
優點: 1.清潔 & 整潔 2。物有所值的缺點: 1.相當遙遠從旺角,城市中心 2。該公寓是小和擁擠
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跟我想象一样小,没有地方走路。床不太好睡,不适合上年纪的人住。地方很窄小。厕所还蛮干净,小。住的地方是很旧的楼层。不过没有治安问题。最靠近的是Austin station,可以转站去机场快线。Jordan station要走一段路。大概10分钟。会经过庙街。对于budget traveller,是可以考虑的。
跟我想像一樣小,沒有地方走路。床不太好睡,不適合上年紀的人住。地方很窄小。廁所還蠻幹淨,小。住的地方是很舊的樓層。不過沒有治安問題。最靠近的是Austin station,可以轉站去機場快線。Jordan station要走一段路。大概10分鐘。會經過廟街。對於budget traveller,是可以考慮的。
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