Large 3 Bed 2 Bath with Balcony MTR



Large 3 Bed 2 Bath with Balcony MTR

Hong Kong, Kowloon


1,580 HKD


  • 公寓
  • 整間住宅/公寓
  • 9 位客人
  • 3房
  • 3張床
  • 2間浴室




Location: It is located at Yau Ma Tei, only one MTR stop to Mong Kok. It's right next to Yau Ma Tei MTR station.

Apartment: It's an apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

There is a double bed in the master room, and also a bathroom in it. In one of the guest room, there is a double bed bedrooms and a bunk bed bedrooms. There are totally 2 double beds and a bunk bed. In the living room, there is a foldable sofa, which can also sleep 2 ppl.

Decoration is brand new. All furnitures are pretty new.

Facilities are well equipped. Water heater, air-con, boiler, rice cooker, washing machine, tv and so on.

Have your own kitchen, and you can cook by yourself.

60 minutes from Disneyland
60 minutes from the airport
40 minutes from Ocean Park
10 minutes from Causeway Bay
5 minutes from Tsim Sha Tsui
地點: 它位於油麻地、 旺角只有一個地鐵站。它就在油麻地地鐵站旁邊。公寓: 它是一個有 3 間臥室,2 間浴室的公寓。有是在主人房,一張雙人床,也在這一間浴室。在一間客房,還有雙床間臥室和床臥室。完全有 2 張雙人床和一張雙層床。在客廳裡,還有一個折疊式的沙發,也可以睡 2 ppl。裝修是新品牌。所有家具都是新的。設施都齊全。水加熱器、 空調、 鍋爐、 電飯煲、 洗衣機、 電視等等。有你自己的廚房,和你可以自己做飯。交通: 從機場狄斯奈樂園 60 分鐘至 60 分鐘至銅鑼灣 5 分鐘從尖沙咀沙田 Tsui


  • 電視
  • 有線電視
  • 寬帶網絡
  • 無線網路
  • 空調
  • 電梯
  • 廚房
  • 洗衣機/烘乾機
  • 門童
  • 適合家庭/兒童


清潔費 HKD 300 (每次入住)
每位額外客人每晚付 HKD 120 (6位客人後)
押金 HKD 0
此筆款項將在您辦理入住手續時由房東當面收取,或退房時由房東退還給您,以防止物品損壞或遺失。 了解更多
取消 嚴格
入住前 7 天半額退款(不包括 HomeAway 服務費)





Please notice I will send you a direction of check-in detail after booking confirmed.
Check out time at 12pm. You can store your luggage until 3pm.Check in time at 3pm. If no one stay before night, early check-in is OK. But the cleaning will be done after.
Please 海洋公園 10 分鐘至 40 分鐘通知預訂確認後,我會送你簽入詳細的一個方向。退房時間在 12 下午。您可以將您的行李存儲直到 3 下午。入住時間在 3 下午。如果沒有人留在晚上之前,早期檢查中是確定。但是清洗將完成後。


入住 下午2:00
退房 下午12:00
面積 100m2
最短住宿天數 2 晚
最長住宿天數 90 晚

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The location is really convenience but the house cleanliness is really bad. We stayed for 5 nights. On the last nights, the owner request to keep the luggage of the next tenant in our unit, this is ridiculous. There are cockroaches in the house.
位置真的是方便,但房子清潔真的是很糟糕。我們住了 5 個晚上。在最後一個夜晚,擁有者請求的下一個租戶的行李放在我們的單位,這是荒謬。房子裡有蟑螂。
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The cleanliness is terrible. 3 cockroaches and 1 lizard in one night. No dryer for the clothes so cannot dry clothes. However the location is quite central as it is near to the MTR.
清潔是可怕的。3 蟑螂和 1 蜥蜴一夜。所以沒有乾燥的衣服不幹的衣服。不過是因為它是靠近地鐵的相當中央的位置。
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Best value is the location, the 4 air conditioners, the 2 bathrooms with SEPARATE shower stalls, the kitchen set (cleanliness is up to your own discretion), washing machine (no dryer) and the WiFi. Building security is above average compared with nearby residential units (not hotel grade)
Not sure if the water heaters for showers are strong enough - we travel in summer.
Bedding - very clean and comfy. (note: color and pattern are as posted)
Transportation: Taxi, MTR, buses - almost all at door step.
Value: good for 4+ adults staying for 5 weeks on Nathan Road. Rent is reasonable; fees is a bit high.
Apartment Size: in Hong Kong scale, this is spacious. Much better than 2 standard hotel rooms.
No closet - but rods hang down from ceiling; quite fun!! (no privacy)

Pre-travel communication with the host was frustrating because there was no response. I finally got a hold of the travelmob service rep to make sure that the place was indeed available and ready for us. I was so worried that I researched nearby hotels in case the host or the unit would not show up as expected. It is necessary to have local telephone number for contact during the rental period and someone who speaks Mandarin or Cantonese to facilitate communication. Otherwise, TravelMob service rep are needed. After check-in, communication with host is fine. (I speak chinese) Note: Host may inspect the place un-announced.
最佳值的位置,4 空調,獨立淋浴間攤位 2 浴室,廚房套 (清潔是由你自己的判斷決定),洗衣機 (沒有烘乾機等) 和無線網路。大廈保安是高於平均水準相比附近的住宅單位 (而不是酒店級) 不確定是否為淋浴熱水器有足夠的能力 — — 我們夏天去旅行。
床上用品 — — 非常乾淨和舒適。(注: 顏色和圖案是過帳)
交通: 計程車、 地鐵、 巴士-幾乎所有在門一步。
4 + 5 星期在彌敦道上呆在北京的成年人的價值: 好。租金是合理的;費用是有點高。
公寓面積: Hong 香港規模,這是寬敞。2 標準客房比好多了。

與主機前旅行通訊令人沮喪的因為沒有任何回應。我終於等到了,travelmob 服務代表,以確保地方是確實可用和為我們準備好。所以怕我研究附近的酒店,以防主機或單位將不正常的表現。它是需要在租住期間,講普通話或廣東話,便於進行通信的人有接觸的市內電話號碼。否則,需要 TravelMob 服務代表。在簽入後與主機通訊很好。(我會說中文)注: 主機可能檢查未宣佈的地方。
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Generally a clean stay. Clean beddings are a must for me and my family, and this is well met. Sufficient trash bags and toilet paper provided, with washing machine and hangers at the balcony. But some things need a little more cleaning.

Host speaks limited english, so communication is a challenge. Would not be a problem if someone is able to speak cantonese or mandrin. If not, maybe WeChat the host with the help of google translate might help?

Fantastic location, right next to the MTR exit. Great for people who need to travel by train a lot. Great eateries can be found within walking distance. Four Seasons Claypot, Midas Cafe, Ocean Empire Congee, Yee Shun Dairy Company, etc. The apartment has a nice balcony view as well.

Overall a positive experience.
一般一清潔的住宿經歷。乾淨的床上用品一定要為我和我的家人,這滿足。足夠的垃圾袋和衛生紙提供洗衣機和吊杆在陽臺上。但有些東西需要一個小的更清潔。主機講英語水準有限,所以通信是一種挑戰。如果有人能講廣東話或普通話,將不是問題。如果不是,微信谷歌借助主機翻譯也許會有説明嗎?夢幻般的地理位置,靠近地鐵出口。偉大的人需要乘坐培訓了很多。最棒的餐館可以發現步行距離內。四個季節煲、 邁達斯咖啡廳、 海洋帝國粥,怡順乳品公司,等等。公寓有漂亮的陽臺一點。整體積極的經驗。
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