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Budget 2 room apt near Austin, 2B

Budget 2 room apt near Austin, 2B

Hong Kong, Kowloon, Hongkong




  • 公寓
  • 整間住宅/公寓
  • 5 位客人
  • 2房
  • 3張床
  • 1間浴室


This is a 2 bedroom apartment, good for 4 -5 people

Key area: can reach 3 MTR stations in 5 mins: Kowloon, Jordan & Austin

This cozy 2 bedroom apartment is well-equipped with all basic living necessity


There are 2 x double bed, one sofa bed.
This is good for 4-5 people.
Also has a private bathroom + FREE wireless internet. Convenient and allow you complete privacy


Well-equipped kitchen with electric cooker & cooking amenities.
Good for family travelers


Location is excellent. Just right next to Austin Exit A. Extremely convenient to travel to Hong Kong spots. Just 5 - 10 mins walk (or take 1 MTR station) to Tsim Sha Tsui for all shopping!

位於柯士甸地鐵站A出口旁邊,5 - 10 分鐘 (或坐一站地鐵) 就可步行至尖沙咀,十分方便。

From airport you can take A22 Airport Bus directly to the apartment. It takes within 30 mins and the bus stop is right located 5 mins from the apartment

從機場可乘 A22 機場巴士,約30分鐘,巴士站僅距大廈5分鐘

Prime Location:
Can reach 3 subway stations within 1 - 8 mins:

Kowloon station: directly airport express line to airport & reach Disneyland in 20 mins for only 6 stations

Austin: one station from Tsim Sha Tsui and two stations to Mong Kok

Jordan: 3 stations to Central, 4 stations to Causeway Bay

柯士甸︰距尖沙咀 (1站) 及旺角 (2站)
佐敦︰距中環 (3站) 及銅鑼灣 (4站)

Amenities including:
Air-conditioner, hair dryer, water boiler, TV


We are located on the 2nd floor of the building with elevator

We hope to provide a nice, clean, simply and budget accommodation to all Hong Kong travelers. Hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to see you!


From here to:
Central / Wan Chai / Causeway Bay: 15 mins
Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Pier: 15 mins
Ocean Park: 30 mins
Disneyland: 30 mins



  • 電視
  • 寬帶網絡
  • 無線網路
  • 空調
  • 電梯
  • 廚房
  • 門童
  • 適合家庭/兒童


清潔費 HKD 50 (每次入住)
每位額外客人每晚付 HKD 50 (4位客人後)
押金 HKD 0
此筆款項將在您辦理入住手續時由房東當面收取,或退房時由房東退還給您,以防止物品損壞或遺失。 了解更多
取消 嚴格
入住前 7 天半額退款(不包括 HomeAway 服務費)





入住 下午2:00
退房 下午12:00
面積 沒有註明
最短住宿天數 1 晚
最長住宿天數 90 晚

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A very small apt. The bedding smells. Obviously, the host weren't even bother to change or wash the sheets after the previous guest checked out. The bad experience was, while we were outside, came back and discovered that one of the worker went in to do their laundry and moved our belongings/ clothings around. With no prior notification or permission whatsoever.
非常小易。床上用品氣味。顯然,主機不是甚至懶得改變或以前的客人簽出後清洗床單。壞的經驗是,雖然我們在外面,回來發現一個工人去做他們洗衣和感動我們的財物 / 周圍的衣物。沒有事先通知或任何許可權。
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TOTAL DISSAPOINTMENT!!! Don't let the pictures fool you because the host combine few units together on the ad, so the unit you get does not match the pictures at all. When you first walk into the building lobby, it smells like the sewer everyday during my stay. I expect the apartment to be small. But 1 of the bedroom is only 63 inches X 63 inches wide. A regular size bed would not fit in the room. So the owner had 2 twin size box springs, not mattress, as a bed. So basically you are sleeping on 2 hard box springs. The bedding and blankets looked like they were never clean. Some had blood stains on them. I had to shower every morning because I felt like there were bugs on the bed biting me. So why are they charging you a cleaning fees when they are obvious not? The wifi was not working at all. So when I contact the host about these issues, he said he will take care of it ASAP. But he never came by at all during my 4 nights stay to fix any of the problem. He was just leading me on. I would only recommend this if you really can't afford anything else because you really get what you pay for. Otherwise, spend a little more to be comfortable.
總失望!!!不要愚弄你,因為主機結合幾個單位一起對這則廣告,所以你得到的單位根本不匹配的圖片的圖片。當你第一次走進大樓的大廳時,聞起來像下水道每天在我逗留期間。我期望的公寓要小。但 1 臥室的是只有 63 英寸 X 63 英寸寬。在房間裡放不下定期床。所以擁有者有 2 雙大小框彈簧,沒有床墊,作為一張床。所以基本上你睡上 2 硬框彈簧。床上用品和毛毯看起來都不幹淨。有些人他們有血跡。我不得不每天早上洗個澡,因為我覺得像有蟲子在咬我的床上。那麼為什麼他們收費你清洗時他們不是明顯?Wifi 根本不工作。所以當我聯繫主機有關這些問題,他說他會照顧它儘快。但他從來沒有走過根本在我入住 4 晚修復任何問題。他只帶我。如果你真的買不起別的因為你真的得到你支付的就只推薦這。否則,多花一點錢要舒適。
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Sok Y


The location is good, as it is very convenience to find local foods or go to the MTR over there, however the room is not same as what we expected from the photos, a bit disappointed as the cleanliness didn't reach our requirement. We stay in a house which is not the one we have online booked, but for a budget homestay, what we can expect more?"
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Da W


Great service friendly staff. Overall very convenient and value for money
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The host is very cooperative. Wifi is OK. The rooms are small but OK. The location is very near to the bus stop. Maybe, if I will come back to hong Kong I will still use Austin because I only need rooms for sleeping at night.
主持人是非常合作。Wifi 是確定。房間雖小,但 OK。位置非常靠近公車站。也許,如果會回到香港我仍將使用 Austin 因為我只需要在晚上睡覺的房間。
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The room is clean. But the bed in a room near the window is very hard, but you can sleep at sofa bed. The location is quite strategic, near the Austin MTR. If you feeling hungry at night, you can find food easily around this area. There's also 7Eleven near the apartment.
房間很乾淨。靠近窗戶的房間的床是很辛苦,但你可以睡在沙發上睡覺。這是一項相當戰略性,Austin MTR 附近的位置。如果你在晚上感覺不餓,你能找到食物很容易在這一帶。也是 7Eleven 附近的公寓。
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Our stay at Austin Inn was pleasant. We had no problem follow the directional maps given to find the building. The receptionist was nice to wait for us at the main road outside the building to direct us to the unit. But the unit given was wrong and we only knew it when we returned from Shenzhen the next night. We like the 2nd unit though a bit small but it is newly renovated. Unlike the toilet of 1st unit given when we arrived, there is no leakage for the toilet here. What is lacking is rack for towels and toilet paper. Beds are fine except the plastic cover of one bed is not removed so it is difficult to sleep. The pantry can be better by replacing the broken bowls with new ones and fixing a short rubber hose to the tap so it will not wet the table top easily. Location is great, quiet and safe. Austin and the staff are very responsive. They answer to our call promptly. We will recommend Austin Inn to our friends.
我們逗留在 Austin 客棧是愉快的。我們沒有任何問題按照給找到辦公大樓的方位圖。接待員很高興等待我們在建設指引我們到單位外的主要道路。但單位給錯了,我們只知道它,當我們從深圳回來第二天晚上。我們喜歡第 2 個單位,雖然有點小,但它新裝修的。不同 1 單元,給出了當我們到達的時候上廁所,還有這裡的衛生間無滲漏。什麼是缺乏是紙巾和廁所紙架。除了一張床上的塑膠蓋不中移除,因此很難入睡,床都很好。廚房可以更好地打破的碗替換為新的和固定短的橡膠軟管水龍頭,所以它不會輕易濕表頂部。位置是偉大、 安靜、 安全。Austin 和工作人員都是非常敏感的。他們迅速答覆我們的呼籲。我們將向我們的朋友推薦 Austin 客棧。
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Location is strategic. Need to keep up the maintenance. The water heater is not function well. The temperature keep change. The bed mattress need to replace, it is too hard. Overall not bad on the $$ that you pay of. You really can experience the real living style of HK, small, compact.
位置是戰略。需要繼續維持。熱水器很好不是函數。溫度保持變化。床床墊需要更換,真是太難。在你支付的 $ $ 總體不壞。你真的可以體驗港元,小,緊湊的真實的生活樣式。
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Lu Lu