Sweet Home Delightful Friends Union, KL1



Sweet Home Delightful Friends Union, KL1

Malaysia, Melaka


1,038 HKD


  • 私人住宅
  • 整間住宅/公寓
  • 14 位客人
  • 6房
  • 13張床
  • 6間浴室




Another Spacious & Clean House by Step-In Homestay @ Kota Laksamana Marina5 (No 1), and we are proud to showcase 8 identical house in a row.

Imagine an extremely Spacious 3 storey terrace house, with 2 large living hall on Ground & 1st floor, comfortable 6 bedrooms all with attached Private bathrooms, AND we have just open for booking with EVERYTHING newly furnished.

My House is good for group travel from 6pax to 14pax. With 8houses in a row, Max up to 112pax. Read below for full illustration.

The House is 3 storey with a Living Hall on the Ground Floor and another Family Hall on the 1st Floor. It has 6 rooms all with attached Private bathrooms,
- Ground Floor, 1unit Standard Room
- First Floor, 2units Standard Room
- Second Floor, 1unit Deluxe Room & 2units Standard Room.

IMPORTANT 1: Rooms allocation according to Number of Guests.
IMPORTANT 2: Head count before check-in, additional pax will be charge separately.

You’ll LOVE our rooms as we have your comfort in mind.
- Super Single Bed 3.5ft (instead of 3ft single bed)
- KING Size Deluxe Bed (instead of queen size bed)
- Mattress is ULTRA quality 8 inch thick (instead of 4” to 6”)
- 1HP Air-Con in all Standard rooms, while 2HP Air-Con in Deluxe room.
- Each room with Attached PRIVATE bathroom, Water Heater shower
- you will not have to wait long to shower, there is 6 bathrooms, i.e. 2 guest to a bathroom

Family holiday, business travel, college semester break, school trip or just gathering of friends, SPACE is the most important consideration,
- With Clean & Spacious Homestay,
- imagine a large Living Hall next to the Dining Hall,
- cool 2.5HP Air-Con, large comfy Sofa set (3+2+1),
- plus 42” TV with Astro Njoi.

Other detail feature include
- Iron & Ironing Board
- Hair Dryer
- 2in1 Body & Hair Shampoo
- Towel for each guest
- Due to environmental friendly reasons, disposable toothbrush and toothpaste are not provided.
- FREE High Speed Wifi/Internet

What is in the Kitchen?
- Electric water Jug
- stay hydrate when travel, we provide drinking water FOC.
- Complimentary Coffee & Tea complete with Sugar & Creamer
- Microwave Oven (for heating up food only)
- 2 doors Refrigerator
- dining utensil
Should you cook? NO, we recommend you to taste great local food around town. Cooking & BBQ is not allow. Should you have any query, please send us an enquiry.

Your Security is our priority,
- CCTV cameras at porch
- Night Guard on duty and Tour Guard.

More people means more cars arriving, no worry….
- Car Porch can fit 2 cars easily.
- Other car park along the road side which is wide.
- We have Night Guard to watch.

Jonker Street – the centre street of Chinatown – was once renowned for its antique shops. However over the years it has turned to clothing and crafts outlets as well as restaurants. The best part of Jonker Street is the night market on Fridays, Saturdays & Sunday that sells everything from tasty treats to cheap keepsakes.

Dataran Pahlawan - A one-stop megamall from the latest fashion to culinary delights to an adventurous indulgence for everyone! Situated in the heart of historical Melaka, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall is surrounded by living museums way back during its historical reign namely A' Famosa and St Paul's Hill that illuminate the neighbouring areas. Imagine yourself walking back in time to the birth of the once glorious trade port between the East and West at the Straits of Melaka as you walk along these historical monuments.

Malacca was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO. Its heritage buildings, cultural enclaves and places of worship are visited by history buffs and tourists from around the globe. Participate in the exciting anniversary celebrations to commemorate the historic occasion.

Our Homestay Kota Laksamana Marina5 is just within comfortable walking distance to all attractions. Forget about traffic jam and parking, leave your car at home and casually walk to Jonker Street and more.

Food food glorious food, you will discover an array of cafe, restaurants, hawker stall, mamak & delicacy shops dotting the roadside including: Yeast Pastry Café, Donald & Lily’s Nyonya Food, Pak Putra Tandoori Chicken & Naan, Hakka Restaurant, The Hajah Mona Ikan Asam Pedas, Bei Zhan Restaurant, Hao Her Xiang dim sum and many more.

You are staying at the most central area of Malacca surrounded by the most happening places and eateries in town.

Check in: after 3.00 pm
Check out: before 11.00 am
- Early Check-In and Late Check-Out are subject to availability, we will accommodate all request where possible.
- We will stay in contact for the expected time your Check-In a day beforehand.
- Key Deposit (& No Smoking Deposit) of RM100 to be collected by CASH at Check-In, full refundable at Check-Out, unless Key Lost (or Cleaning Fee for Smoking).

Worry NO more, we are
- always available through Messaging & Call to answer any query.
- next door, we are available from 8.00am to 10.00pm (where possible).
- happy to share places of interest and must try food location.

Our pass guest reviews speak strongly about us, Canadian, Korean, Singaporean, Philippines, China, Vietnamese, local Malaysian from North, South, East, West, Sabahan, Sarawakian, they are now our friends.
另一個寬敞 & 清潔房子的哥拉克薩 Marina5 @ 接手寄宿家庭 (第 1 號),和我們很自豪能夠展示 8 相同屋行中。

想像極其寬敞 3 層陽臺的房子,與 2 大型生活館地下及 1 樓,所有與附加的私人浴室,舒適 6 間臥室和我們有預約只是打開一切新裝備。

我的房子是好組團旅遊從 6pax 到 14pax。與在行中,最大達 112pax 8houses。閱讀下面的詳細說明。

這房子是在一樓的客廳與另一個家庭大廳一樓的 3 層。它具有所有與附的浴室-地下、 1 個單位標準房-一樓,2 台標準房-二樓,1 個單位豪華房及 2 台 6 間客房標準間。

重要 1︰ 客房分配按數量的客人。
重要 2︰ 頭計數之前簽入、 額外 pax 將分別負責。

-超級單人床 3.5 英尺 (而不是 3 尺單人床)-超大豪華床 (而不是特大床)-床墊是超品質 8 英寸厚 (而不是 4 英寸到 6 英寸)-1HP 空調中所有的標準客房,同時在豪華房 2 匹空調。
-每個房間提供附加的私人浴室,淋浴熱水器-你不會等待長到淋浴間,還有 6 浴室,即 2 來賓到浴室家庭度假,商務旅行,大學學期,學校組織的旅行或只是收集的朋友,空間最重要的考慮因素,-和清潔 & 寬敞的寄宿家庭,-想像生活大廳用餐大廳旁邊-冷卻空調、 大型舒適的沙發裡設置的 2.5HP (3 + 2 + 1)、-42"電視與 Astro Njoi 加。

其他細節特徵包括-鐵 & 熨板-吹風機-2 在 1 & 體毛洗髮水-毛巾為每一位客人 — — 由於環境友好原因、 一次性牙刷和牙膏都不提供。
-免費高速度 Wifi/互聯網是什麼在廚房裡嗎?
-電熱水罐-逗留水合物時旅行,我們提供飲用水 FOC。
-免費咖啡與茶配糖與奶精-微波爐 (用於加熱食物只)-2 門冰箱-餐飲用具應你做飯嗎?不,我們建議您向周圍小鎮品味當地美食。烹飪與燒烤不允許。如果您有任何查詢,請向我們諮詢。


更多的人意味著更多的車到達,不用擔心......-車門廊可以容易地適合 2 輛汽車。

瓊克大街 — — 唐人街的中心街道 — — 曾經是其古玩店而聞名的。然而多年來它已經轉向服裝和工藝品店以及餐館。最好的瓊克大街部分在星期五,銷售的東西從美味到廉價紀念品的星期六及星期天是夜市。

Dataran 英雄-從最新的時尚美食給每個人一種冒險放縱到一條龍 megamall !坐落在歷史麻六甲的心,Dataran 英雄麻六甲 Megamall 包圍住博物館回來的路上在其歷史的統治即 A' famosa 公司和聖保祿山,照亮鄰近地區。想像自己走回到那個年代誕生的一次光榮的貿易港口麻六甲海峽在東西方之間當你沿著這些古跡。

麻六甲是被聯合國教科文組織列為世界遺產城市。由歷史愛好者和來自世界各地的遊客參觀其遺產建築、 文化飛地和禮拜場所。參加令人興奮的周年慶典,為了紀念這歷史性的一刻。

我們寄宿家庭哥拉克薩 Marina5 是只是在舒適的步行距離,所有景點。忘了交通擁堵和停車,把你的車留在家裡,隨便走到瓊克大街和更多。

食物食物光榮的食品,你會發現陣列的咖啡館、 餐館、 小販攤檔嘛 & 美食店點綴路邊包括︰ 酵母糕點咖啡館、 唐納德 · & 莉莉的娘惹食品、 白石太子烤雞 & 饢、 客家餐廳、 · 蒙娜麗莎 Ikan Asam Pedas、 北車站餐廳、 郝她鄉點心和更多。


檢查︰ 後 3 下午查閱︰ 11 上午-前提前入住和晚退房是視情況而定,我們將滿足所有的要求,在可能的情況。
-鑰匙押金 (& 沒有吸煙存款) RM100 將收取的現金入住時,全額退還在退房,除非鑰匙丟失 (或吸煙清洗費用)。

不用擔心,我們-總是可用通過消息 & 調用來回答任何查詢。
-在隔壁,我們從到是否可用 8 上午 10 下午 (如果可能)。

我們通住客評語強烈談論我們,加拿大、 韓國、 新加坡、 菲律賓、 中國、 越南、 本地馬來西亞從北,南,東、 西、 沙巴,開車,他們現在是我們的朋友。


  • 電視
  • 有線電視
  • 衛星電視
  • 寬帶網絡
  • 無線網路
  • 空調
  • 暖氣
  • 無障礙設施
  • 廚房
  • 停車位
  • 熱水浴缸
  • 適合家庭/兒童
  • 適合舉辦活動


清潔費 不收費
每位額外客人每晚付 HKD 62 (6位客人後)
押金 HKD 205
此筆款項將在您辦理入住手續時由房東當面收取,或退房時由房東退還給您,以防止物品損壞或遺失。 了解更多
取消 嚴格
入住前 7 天半額退款(不包括 HomeAway 服務費)





1) No Pets
2) No smoking
3) key deposit rm100
4) Reduce noise after 11.00pm
5) No Cooking & No BBQ
1 沒有寵物 2) 沒有吸煙 3) 鑰匙押金 rm100 4) 減少雜訊後 11 下午 5) 沒有烹飪 & 沒有燒烤


入住 下午3:00
退房 上午11:00
面積 沒有註明
最短住宿天數 1 晚
最長住宿天數 160 晚

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A very nice place to stay. Its near to city's place of interests and easy access to local food. The house is spacious and clean. Feel comfortable for family gathering. Will recommend to friends and others. And Edwin the host is a very nice and friendly person.



Edwin was a great host. Our arrival was received by Edwin and his wife with full of hospitality. As soon as we stepped into the house, we felt like home. The two living rooms are clean and spacious. Bedrooms look good and are enough for all my family members. Washrooms are in tip-top condition with high water pressure and working water heater. Thank you, Edwin.
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Edwin is a helpful host and share the local info prior to our arrival. The house is clean and the living room is good for family gathering. The location is also easy access to local food. Good location.
愛德溫 · 是一個樂於助人的主機和共用本地資訊在我們到達之前。乾淨整潔,客廳裡很適合家庭聚會。位置也是很容易獲得當地食物。良好的地理位置。
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Very nice stay , Excellent experience. Very nice location too.
Would like to visit again next time.
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I had a wonderful homestay experience.
The place is clean and conformable.
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Good location. The room was very clean.
Nice place I feel comfortable. I highly recommend here. Edwin is a good host and very friendly and helpful.
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